From modelling, material sourcing and machining, to final product

Current basic activities of the company Šela proizvodnja d.o.o. are divided into segments:
The services we provide today consist of:

We are specialized in

CNC Milling

CNC Turning



Three categories of our basic services include

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CNC machining services

Air/Automotive industry, production of various machinery and equipment

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Brake equipment

Own products, licensed by manufacturers worldwide

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Black, Aluminium and Stainless Steel Locksmithing

We offer full service production to industries

Mechanical Engineering

Automotive industry

Aircraft industry

Nuclear industry

Nuclear industry

Our business strategy is focused on expanding the product line, modernizing production processes and conquering new markets. We want to reach a wide range of clients from different industries, and we believe that we can achieve this only by constantly monitoring their activities, needs and desires.

A quality business relationship and understanding of our customers is the basis for developing new products, superior quality and value. We constantly meet the demands of the market that are set before us, while maintaining the exceptional quality of our products and services, without making concessions.

Vertical milling processes


Plastic polymers

Complete list of our services includes

Casting metals

Metals preparation


Metals processing

Rubber vulcanization

Polyurethane casting

Polyester laminating

Metals painting


Treatment and coating of materials

Wire products

Technical testing and analysis

Polyester products

Tools production

Plastic products

Welding services

General mechanical works

ŠELA PROIZVODNJA d.o.o. is a company with more than 100 years of tradition in metalworking, located in Zagreb, Croatia. We provide a complete service, from modeling and procurement of materials to the final product. The full service includes mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace and nuclear industries.

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